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Terms and conditions for DJ’s, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony) 
1. – Booking details
1.1 – The Client shall ensure that all details given of the venue are correct and if The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony) inspects the venue & finds any differences The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony) will report to the client to resolve this matter.

1.2 – There will be adequate set up time available usually 90 minutes before the start time of the event and 60 minutes after the event to break the set down. The Client should indicate what access is available, stairs, lifts, Car parking etc.

1.3 – The Client and The DJ both confirm that there is no third party interest on the booking and no previous bookings of these dates for this event.

1.4 – Paying a booking fee for your event or function is a 100% binding guarantee of contract. Any non-payment could allow us to change our work schedule without prior notice.

2. – Payments
2.1 – Paying By Cheque If you would like to pay by cheque please make it payable to “DJ At My Party” and write your surname and the date of your event on the back.

2.2 – Paying By Bank Transfer If you use Internet Banking you can make a payment straight into our bank account. If paying by this method please ensure you include your surname and the date of your event as a reference.

2.3 – Non-payment of any fees owed within 30 days after the date of the event will result in legal action.

3. – Cancellations
3.1 – The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  will be holding your date exclusively for you and will turn away all other work. The potential loss of work in the event of a cancellation is real and tangible therefore The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony) will charge a cancellation fee. Cancellations must be made in writing or by e-mail. No telephone cancellations can be accepted.

3.2 – If The Client cancels within 30 days prior to the event the cancellation fee is 100% of the balance outstanding, but cancellation before then the only penalty will be the loss of the pre-paid booking fee.

3.3 – Should the event be cancelled for reasons entirely beyond The Clients control then the booking fee will be returned in full or a new date set if required.

3.4 – The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  will try to fulfill its obligations in the events of unforeseen circumstances by any other means should this be necessary.

4. – Conduct
4.1 – It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that all guests conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. The Client must be responsible for all guests and their actions.

4.2 – The Client will provide adequate supervision of its guests, including children, at the venue, and will be liable for any loss of or damage to the The DJ’s, Live Band & MC’s ( Master of Ceremony)  equipment or personnel belongings, caused by guests attending the function.

4.3 – No violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone under any circumstances will be tolerated, and The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  reserves the right to terminate the disco at any time if any personal safety is under threat. The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  does not take responsibility for ejecting any unwanted persons from any venue. The Client will be advised of any problems arising in this respect with any guests.

4.4 – In the event of a minors function there must be the legal ratio of responsible persons to minors.

4.5 – The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  will act in a fully responsible attitude at all times, during his attendance to the venue, it will set up and run as requested by The Client unless the legal requirement is different which will be pointed out and stated.

5. – Security
5.1 – The Client will be responsible for the safety and security of any theft of items of The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony) .

5.2 – The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  is not liable for any damage on the venue; any potential hazard must be pointed out by the client or the venue staff at the time of set-up.

5.3 – The Client is also responsible for any damage to The DJ’s equipment caused by any person at the event. The Client will be charged for the full cost of any repairs required. The Client will be advised of any damage as soon as it is caused.

6. – Health and Safety
6.1 – The DJ,, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  will adhere to all rules and regulations of the HSE EAW Act 1999, to which The Client must also adhere to the above and adhere. Subject to failure to conform to the above act The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  cannot take any further part of the event and the full amount of the event has to be paid.

6.2 – In the event of fire, flooding, public disturbance, terrorist activity or any other threat to the public, The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  will not be responsible to help in any way or evacuate any venue or building where he is present and / or working within, unless the fire regulations for the venue specify otherwise. This would usually incur a vocal announcement.

7. – The Venue
7.1 – The Client will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling, and removal of equipment (minimum of one hour). The Client also ensures that safe and adequate power is available. The DJ will ensure that any equipment that requires connection to a power source is electrically safe and conforms to the HSE EAW Act 1989, and any amendments thereafter.

7.2 – The Client must ensure that the entire venue has all relevant licences, and conforms to all the local bye-laws as The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  cannot perform in a venue that has not got all required licences.

7.3 – The Client must ensure that there is adequate parking for The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  on the night for off loading and loading of the equipment, in a safe and secure manner. Should there be items stolen during this procedure it is the responsibility of The Client.

7.4 – If the performance start time is delayed due to the inability of The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  to gain access to the performance area, or any other delay beyond The DJ(s), Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  reasonable control, The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  will not be liable for any refund whatsoever.

7.5 – If you are booking other entertainment (e.g. Singer, comedian, band etc) as well as hiring ourselves, please consider & think about the amount of space available and where The Client is going to put the disco. Speaker location is usually best if it is no greater than 10 metres either side from the position of the presenter.

7.6 – The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  also reserves the right to refuse to continue any event prior to the start should there not be sufficient floor space which would not allow the audio / lighting equipment to be assembled safely.

7.7 – The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  reserves the right to substitute alternative entertainment should uncontrollable circumstances dictate the need to do so. The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  will be responsible for producing certificates of Public Liability Insurance and P.A.T. Testing carried out on our equipment. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss to private or public property caused by invited guests or members of the public.

8. – Refreshments
8.1 – As The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  works very unsociable hours we ask if non alcoholic drinks could be supplied. Please do not offer alcoholic drinks whilst our staff are on the venues premises.

8.2 -. All bookings should be taken on the understanding that the venue is in possession of the necessary entertainment & liquor licenses. The DJ, Live Band & MC ( Master of Ceremony)  is not responsible if the venue is found to be in breach of the terms of their license.

If you would like further clarification of what any of the above means or you are unsure of any of our terms please contact info@arojahworld.com.ng, or  arojahworld@gmail.com


Arojah World of Entertainment recording studio terms of agreement for sessions

When booking a recording session at Arojah World of Entertainment you are entering into a contract by which you are agreeing unconditionally on behalf of the artist/band to abide by the studio’s terms and conditions as detailed below.

Booking a recording session
Session bookings, times and dates are subject to availability and approval from a member of the Arojah World of Entertainment team. Arojah World of Entertainment studios reserve the right to refuse and reschedule any confirmed bookings. Bookings are made by the following methods only. arojahworld.com.ng – Phone: +234 812 994 3502 Email:info@arojahworld.com.ng & arojahworld@gmail.com and are not valid until confirmed and deposit paid.

Payment can be made with cash or credit/debit card. It is the responsibility of the artist to cover the cost of each session in full either in advance or on the day of the session. A 50% deposit is required to confirm all bookings by phone or when booking online payment will be taken IN FULL. This deposit is non refundable or transferable. The remainder of the studio bill should be paid in full on the first day of your session Late payment will lead to an additional fee of N2,000 and refusal to pay may lead to prosecution. No Call/No shows that have paid deposit will result in loss of monies and studio time, non refundable.

Failure to produce full payment will result in the studio withholding session time, all copies of recordings, masters or session files until all fees have been paid and funds have cleared. You must pay for the full amount of hours you book; it’s not our responsibility to manage your studio time. If the recording session is broken up over a period of time (7hrs+), payment will be required either in advance or in installments to cover time that has been used. Legacy Music Group management reserves the right to implement these payment terms where applicable. All session files are deleted from Legacy’s hard drives 90 days after session completion unless otherwise specified. Please bring a backup storage device if you require your multi-tracks.

48 hours notice is required for the cancellation of a session; this includes weekends and bank holidays. If a session is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, full payment will be required to book further sessions. No Call/No shows that have paid deposit will result in loss of monies and studio time, non refundable. Cancellations as a result of adverse weather conditions such as snow will be rescheduled.

Parking meters in front of the studio 69, Agboyi Road, Oja-Omo Bus-Stop, Alapere, Ketu, Lagos. are active from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm(midnight) seven days a week. parking space is free. Car parked at owns risks.

Breakages and damages to studio equipment
Any damage caused to studio equipment due to misuse and abuse will be charged to the artist/band/individual. Refusal to pay for breakages will lead to exclusion and prosecution. If an item of equipment is damaged or missing at the start of your session please report it to the session technician/engineer immediately.

Personal items/lost property
Please make sure that you do not leave personal items unattended and ensure that you take all of your belongings with you when you leave. Legacy Studios is not responsible for any personal items that are lost or damaged on the premises.

Clients are allowed a maximum of 10 guests during the recording sessions. Legacy Studios must be given 24hr notice when requesting additional guest & apply. Client must get approval from LMG staff member prior to showing up with additional guest.

Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the studio complex. If you leave the premises to smoke, please ensure that you are a safe distance from the studio and that your cigarette stubs are disposed of appropriately. When leaving and entering the complex, please remember that the entry door must be kept shut and locked at all times. Any theft or damages that occur as a result of the door being left open will be chargeable to the artist/band

You are permitted to bring your own food and drink into the studio; however, this must not be placed on any of the equipment under any circumstances. Please store your food and drink in the safe area. Any damage caused to studio equipment due to spillages and negligence with food and drink will be charged as per our damages policy above. Please help us to keep the studio tidy by placing any rubbish in the trash bins provided.


There is a N2,000, nonrefundable clean-up fee applied to sessions where
Legacy staff sees applicable (excessive trash, food leftovers, ect)
Additional guest fee of N500 per guest (over the allowed 10 person limit)


Recording Tips

Be on time and prepared
Bring your instrumental or have download link ready
Bring Hard drive or flash to take your files upon completion
If you cannot abide by these terms and conditions, please do not book a Recording session.